Beyond the daily budget briefings and meetings, there are plenty of big topics on the agenda again at the state legislature.

The House insurance committee will take up a bill to move the state health plan to the state treasurer’s office.

On the Senate side, it’s a really busy day. First, on the floor, a final vote is likely on a bill that would increase fines for speeding in a school zone.

Medical liability reform could get a vote out of the judiciary committee. The agriculture committee will take up terminal groins which is a huge issue along the coast.

The big one of the day might be in appropriations where Senators will take up the Republican response bill to the governor’s veto of SB13. This is the bill that cuts spending for the rest of the current fiscal year. Governor Perdue vetoed SB13 when it cut economic incentive money. This bill requires the governor to cut even more money but leaves the incentive money alone. Should be interesting to see where this one goes.

Non-profits from across the state will band together and spend the day lobbying lawmakers and pleading to keep their funding in the state budget.

Involuntary annexation could get taken back up in finance.

For a full list of what’s going on and to read the bills click below.

House calendar

Senate calendar