I had two interesting interviews this afternoon that were taped for Political Connections this weekend.

Sen. Bob Rucho, a Mecklenburg County Republican, talked extensively about his role leading the Senate Redistricting Committee.

I asked him point blank if there was a plan to draw districts that will help Republicans. He was adamant that they will draw fair and legal maps and recent court decision reduce the ability to gerrymander maps.

Sen. Rucho said, "whenever we draw these districts wherever the incumbent lives is not an issue with me. It’s a matter of drawing good, fair, legal districts."

Interestingly, he said he’s not personally in favor of an independent redistricting commission. He said that will not take politics out of it because politicians would likely appoint the commission members.

He was also pretty blunt about Gov. Perdue and her veto and called it absurd.

Check out Sen. Rucho’s interview and an interview with Sen. Martin Nesbitt this weekend. Sen. Nesbitt is now minority leader after being majority leader. We will talk about the changes he has faced.

Political Connections airs Friday nights at 6pm and Sundays at 11am.