RALEIGH — Mystery solved! After a couple weeks of speculation, the postponement of legislative pardon, and a lot questioning- Senator Phil Berger revealed the culprit of the poison letter left in the Senate chambers.

First the background. If you remember, the Senate was set to pardon for Governor William Holden. He was impeached and removed from office, after using militia against the Ku Klux Klan. The letter left mysteriously on the Senator’s desks pointed to a rather sordid past of Holden. And left some wondering if the pardon was really fit?

But the bigger question was who left the letter. No one, other than a Senator, is allowed to. Of course, the security cameras in the chamber were not working either to catch the culprit.
Then this afternoon, Berger stood up and announced mystery solved- it was a HOUSE legislative assistant. And, that assistant is no longer working in the General Assembly. After some digging by fellow members of the press corps- it was Ashe Representative Jonathan Jordan’s former LA, Carlton Huffman.

So now that the whodunit is over- what will happen with the Holden pardon??