Speaker Thom Tillis just stopped by the press room to discuss the timeline for the House to complete its budget work. Appropriation sub committees WILL finish their work this week. Then next Tuesday the bill will go to House Finance (a reversal of typical order– where it normally goes to Approps first). Wednesday and Thursday the budget bill will be in Appropriations. The full bill should be online by next Friday the 29th… and votes/debate will begin on the floor on Monday May 2nd. Final vote Tuesday May 3rd.

Tillis says this keeps the general assembly on track to have all budget work completed by June first. (And plenty of time if the Governor vetoes the bill for the legislators to take another crack at it before the end of the fiscal year on June 30).

By the way- this does give people three full days to review the full budget before the first vote is taken. Online Friday- vote on Monday. Could be a long Monday night session!