Former Virginia Senator John Warner stopped by the studio for an interview today. He was a former Secretary of the Navy, Senator, and Armed Services Committee Chair. At one time he was also married to Elizabeth Taylor.

These days he’s a senior policy advisor for the Pew Project on Climate, Energy, and National Security.

Senator Warner visited Fort Bragg Monday. It was the group’s first stop on its 2011 clean energy base tour. The military is the largest energy user in entire government and its efforts on the energy front could be a big example of what congress should do for clean energy policies.

Sen. Warner said the nation needs a national energy policy.

I also asked him, considering his background, for his thoughts on the killing of Osama Bin laden.

"He was an absolute frightful human being. I just cannot tell you the damage he caused. Yes the twin towers but he done other things to injure Americans and people throughout the, world and so while we don’t wish death upon anybody. He’s gone now, but he created the situation by which he lost his own life, and I’m just hopeful that this will able us to kind of reshape the policies in Afghanistan now as to what we can and really cannot achieve and the commitment of our forces. I think you know the good ole USA with our allies have stepped up and we’re trying to help people less fortunate than ourselves."

The entire interview airs on Political Connections this weekend.