There was still a little "fight" left in former Easley aide Ruffin Poole at the federal courthouse in Raleigh on Tuesday. He was there to be sentenced on one count of federal tax evasion- a charge he pleaded guilty to last year. He was given a year and a day behind bars (that extra day- pushing him over the "minimum" sentence needed to get time off for good behavior– so he will actually serve 312 days for his crime).

But it was the outside the courtroom antics that had the media talking. On his way into the courthouse- Ruffin himself got a little handsy with a WRAL photographer- pulling him out of his way. On the way OUT of the courthouse- News14’s photog got the worst of the family’s aggression. Several of our market competitors have great video of our photographer on the receiving end of a physical altercation.

Clearly- today’s sentence is not sitting well with the Pooles. For many that seems to be because he is the ONLY person landing behind bars in this whole two year investigation.