RALEIGH — You would think the biggest news of the day would be the senate’s $19.4 billion dollar budget proposal. (Well- it actually is the biggest news– but the loudest news- that is another story). Instead, what everyone is talking about in Raleigh, is the disruption during the House session. NC NAACP President William Barber was scheduled to speak at a rally at the Legislative Building Tuesday afternoon- but never got the chance. Instead, he was taken away in hand cuffs after he began yelling from the House gallery.

Speaker Thom Tillis handled the disruption calmly- and moved the house session along afterwards. But did release this statement afterwards:

"Today’s disruption was one of the most disrespectful displays I have witnessed during my tenure in the House of Representatives. It was a clear violation of the rules of the House, and those rules will continue to be enforced to ensure safety and dignity in the people’s House."

Barber, and six others, were charged with disorderly conduct. (Which, by the way, is the exact same thing the protestors earlier this session were charged with– no special treatment, or harsher punishment for Barber).