RALEIGH — An official request has now been made to investigate the lobbyist and staffer affairs in the speaker of the house’s office, as one lobbyist association is speaking out about what went wrong.

“It is not anything that we have seen in all the years that I have been down here,” said Amy Fullbright, president of the North Carolina Professional Lobbyist Association.

Fullbright said in her 15 years of working at the Legislative Building in Raleigh, she has not seen the type of romantic affair arise that has come to light not once, but twice, in the last week in Speaker Thom Tillis’ office.

“As the president of an association that tries really really hard, and all of us do, to meet that level of ethical observation, I was a bit surprised,” said Fullbright.

For lobbyists, they said they already do follow a strict set of rules and are not sure if any further laws are needed or wanted to prevent a future situation like this from happening.

The first bullet point in the Professional Lobbyist Association Code of Conduct said lobbyists “shall conduct with integrity and honesty all relations with public office holders, clients, potential clients, employers, the public and other lobbyists.”

For their part, state Democrats are not sure that is what happened with two lobbyists and two staffers in the speaker’s office.

On Thursday afternoon, Democratic legislative leaders put in official requests to the State Ethics Commission and the Legislative Ethics Committee to investigate if the relationships and if any ethics laws were broken.

For Fullbright, she said she believes one case of improper conduct is too many because she believes the laws are black and white.

“You have to know where that line is and where you can cross it or not cross it. And I just believe if you maintain that same policy no matter who you are dealing with done there, then it is going to be an easy decision to make," she said.