RALEIGH – Lawmakers in the state House released the bulk of their proposals for next year’s budget.

The plans were laid out in multiple sub-committee meetings on Thursday and will be on the House floor for debate next week.

It was the first glimpse of where state lawmakers planned to move money for the next fiscal year.

“The big chairs give, we spend, I don’t ask questions,” said Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-Stokes.

The appropriations sub-committee on education came bearing hundreds of millions of dollars of new money — about $259 million to fill a hole from the end of federal EduJobs funding.

That money is new state money, replacing federal money that is ending in July and local school districts will now send less money back to the state. Republican leaders said this should be welcome news.

“They have to be absolutely elated seeing this budget that we have replaced federal money by reducing the federal reserve,” said Holloway. “So I think this has to be unexpected for them.”

In health and human services, there is some new money too: Money in part will be directed to Pre-K programs.

“[We need to] make sure we that we have the slots available for those kids that are truly at risk and are helping those 4-year-olds prepare as they head into kindergarten,” said Rep. Justin Burr, R-Stanly.

But some cuts are in question and administration officials said they believe this proposal needs improvement.

“I’m hopeful we will be able to reconcile some of the differences,” said Health and Human Services Acting Sec. Al Delia. “There is still a long way to go.”

For justice and public safety, there is no new money; in fact, about a two-percent cut from what was planned when the budget was written last year.

“I think we have taken all the cuts that the courts and the prisons can take,” said Rep. Leo Daughtry, R-Johnston. “We are down to the bone now, so it is my hope we can start the process of restoring money when this recession ends.”

But even with bare-bones budgeting, money was found in the justice and public safety budget for legal aid, and family court — two items that were potentially on the chopping block.

Details of how the full budget will fit together will be unveiled Tuesday. House leaders said they will then vote that budget out by the end of the week.

The full House Appropriations Committee is meeting Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. It plans to work all day in order to get the budget proposal on the House floor to begin debate on Wednesday.