RALEIGH — A bill is on the move in the General Assembly that would open the door for hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina.

The proposal would lift the state’s current moratorium on this controversial practice of mining shale gas.

But there are plenty of voices of opposition against this action by the state.

For Lee County homeowner Laura Johnson, she said a proposal to open the door to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is turning into a nightmare.

“This takes away my choice. It takes away my rights as a landowner, and honestly it takes away my peace,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she moved to Lee County with a future pictured her in mind. Having her land used for fracking natural gas was not part of it.

“We have a very specific lifestyle that we moved to Lee County to live. I fully intended to raise my babies there. I fully intended to have my grandchildren there, and I just feel right now that this is a noose hanging over my head,” said Johnson.

Johnson was one of many people who spoke before a Senate commerce committee Tuesday. On the table is a bill which would allow fracking in North Carolina.

“I think the bill puts the cart before the horse. It legalizes hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling now and leaves the social environmental safeguards to be worked out later,” said Rob Jackson of Duke University.

The proposal does not allow fracking to begin until safety regulations are in place and the General Assembly gives the go ahead. Supporters of the proposal said it will be a good first step toward creating energy independence.

“They don’t want to be handcuffed to an ayatollah who has a name they can’t pronounce, in a country they don’t know where it is, with a religion and a culture and a language that they don’t understand,” said Bill Weatherspoon, with the N.C. Petroleum Council.

The proposal, as written, advanced out of committee. But many said questions linger about its effect.

“This bill is not taking into account the needs of the people,” said Johnson.

The bill will now go to the full Senate for its consideration.