RALEIGH — There were big successes in the final hours of the 2012 legislative session for the Republican-led General Assembly.

The budget, fracking and racial justice were the big topics that found resolutions Monday. This was a feat that was only accomplished because some Democrats were willing to cross the aisle.

“We’re now approaching either 18 or 19 members of the 52-member minority caucus who have joined with us on any number of veto overrides. The House can’t override a veto without convincing Democratic members to vote with us,” said Republican Rep. Thom Tillis.

The Senate finished up its work in the early hours of the morning, sending most of its members home by 4 a.m. Tuesday. The House was back in session later Tuesday morning, taking up several pieces of legislation, including final budget fixes and other technical corrections.

“The bill that passed out, there were some folks that didn’t think it was a clean technical corrections bill. We did make some substantive changes but members, I hope you recall, we were very direct about what those changes were. We even had a summary prepared,” said Rep. Tim Moore, R-District26.

This closed out the Republicans first full session in power, and it’s a session Democrats said brought the state in the wrong direction.

“I think someone described this session as toxic and I think that is a good description. There is not a lot of good will around here right now,” said Democrat Joe Hackney.

Republicans said that overall, this was a successful two years where they were able to get a budget with no tax increases approved, regulatory regulations relaxed and some conservative social issues addressed.