New poll numbers in the North Carolina governor’s race show Republican nominee Pat McCrory’s lead over Democrat Walter Dalton slipping a bit.

McCrory has 46 percent over Dalton’s 44 percent. That’s a drop from the 10-point lead McCrory had in the Civitas poll in May.

But this poll also included Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe, who clocked in at 7 percent.

“Although the polls differ somewhat in format, the data suggests that a significant portion of McCrory’s support shifted to Howe when given the chance,” said Civitas President Francis De Luca, in a statement. “To win those votes in November, McCrory likely will have to persuade libertarian-minded voters that he too wants to and can rein in out-of-control government.”

But for Democrats, this poll is a boost, since Dalton has been trailing McCrory ever since the lieutenant governor jumped into the race after Gov. Bev Perdue said she wouldn’t run for a second term.

Read the full results here.