President Barack Obama is up on presumed GOP candidate Mitt Romney about 8 points (50-42) in Virginia, one of the Southern battleground states, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling.

In North Carolina, Obama is about even with Romney, 47 percent to 46 percent.

This is in line with earlier polling PPP has done.

It also means that despite what some national pundits have said (The Washington Post’s The Fix blog ), it looks like North Carolina remains a toss-up state, despite strong Republican movements in the state.

With polling this close about four months out from the general election, you really can’t call the Tar Heel State for either Obama or Romney just yet.

Here’s an interesting follow-up note regarding PPP’s June presidential poll:

Our North Carolina poll last month found Obama leading Romney only 76-20 with African Americans, a level of support that we said at the time was unrealistically low for Obama. This month his advantage is back up to 85-12. Chances are he’ll even still do better than that but Romney’s 20 percent black support last month definitely looks like it was more statistical anomaly than concerning trend for the President.

Read the full results here.