RALEIGH — Two men remain in the race to be the republican nominee for lieutenant governor. Both say they have the right kind of experience for the job, even though both would be newcomers to the political scene on Jones Street.

“My background as a business owner, an architect, a senior partner with the largest architecture firm in the state, lends itself to that executive type administration that would need,” said candidate Dan Forest.

“The three major responsibilities of lieutenant governor are things that I have dealt with in similar situations on the board of commissioners,” said candidate Tony Gurley.

Gurley has served on the Wake County Board of Commissioners since winning the seat in 2002.

He has been a small business owner and also a partner in a law firm. He says he will use the bully pulpit of lieutenant governor to become an advocate.

“Absolutely I want to take up a cause, and that cause is being the champion of small business in North Carolina,” said Gurley.

Forest garnered the most votes in the first primary election in May, but not a big enough percentage to win the nomination. He is a former partner in an architectural firm and a newcomer to the world of politics.

He said it is important for the state to look forward to what our next big industry can be.

“But we don’t spend a lot of time looking forward and saying what’s next for North Carolina,” said Forest. “What’s the future? And what’s the path to get there?”

Both candidates say they feel like the current republican controlled general assembly is doing a good job.

“I would give them an ‘A’ for for their efforts this time around,” said Forest. “For two sessions they have passed bills I believe in, and most conservatives in North Carolina believe and would want to see passed.”

“I think they’ve done a great job. I would give them a ‘B-plus’," said Gurley. “Very good effort. But even they would tell you this is just the first step.”

Whichever candidate wins the republican nomination will face off against Democrat Linda Coleman in November.