A new generation of lobbyists are on the rise in the General Assembly.

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research has 13 new lobbyists in their latest rankings and a new top lobbyist.

“Only one of the lobbyists rated as most influential in our first set of rankings in 1982 is still lobbying," said Sam Watts, policy analyst, in a statement.

The top lobbyist: John McMillan, a contract lobbyist with the law firm of Manning, Fulton & Skinner, PA in Raleigh, who represented 25 clients during the most recent legislative session, including Anheuser-Busch, the Insurance Federation of North Carolina, the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, the N.C. Symphony Society, and SAS Institute.

He’s been ranked in the top lobbyists list since 1993, and succeeds Roger Bone, a former legislator and lobbyist. Bone died in 2009.

The center also found that lobbyists arguing for or against new tobacco and alcohol regulation laws gained in influence.

Read the full release here and read the PDF rankings here.