A couple of weeks ago, President Barack Obama gave a campaign speech where he talked about small businesses.

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In the speech, he said the words "You didn’t build that" in the context of government assistance for small businesses. His point: Government provides infrastructure — roads, schools — so small businesses can thrive.

But Mitt Romney and Republicans took that small part of the speech, the "You didn’t build that," and ran with ads claiming Obama was saying government was responsible for the success of small business owners.

Conservatives also took to Twitter with the hashtag "#YouDidntBuildThat" to mock Obama’s speech and message.

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Obama responded with his own ad, saying his comments were taken out of context.

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The lesson: It was a poor choice of words for Obama, indeed, and just gave fodder to his opponents. It’s a especially a poor choice of words since this presidential race is hinged on how voters feel about the economy.

"You Didn’t Build This" will remain a rallying cry for conservatives for the rest of the campaign.

Yeah the speech was taken out of context, but what do you expect from political ads these days? Never mind if the claims made aren’t necessarily true or distorted. The name of the game is all about smearing your opponent to win elections.

And both sides do it, too. Why? Because it’s effective.

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