TAMPA, Fla. — In what could be an appetizer for Charlotte’s protest activity, hundreds of demonstrators crisscrossed downtown Tampa Monday afternoon in the coalition to march on the Republican National Convention.

The event brought out a mixture of participants, from those with peaceful chants to others demonstrators dressed in black and acting more confrontational to the hundreds of law enforcement lining the streets.

Skye Schmelzer, 20, prides herself in being an equal opportunity protester.

"I’m a person who doesn’t just oppose the Republicans. I oppose the Democrats because both parties are parties of the one percent,” she said.

Schmezler lead chants during the hour-long coalition to march on the RNC.

The University of Florida student will head north to Charlotte Sunday to also take part in the march on Wall Street South.

"Both coalitions have a very broad message, to be all encompassing from people from all kinds of different movements,” she said.

Different groups came with different agendas came united to downtown Tampa. Some appeared peaceful, others dressed in black and bandanas verbally clashed with police.

In the middle of the march, a few demonstrators met deputies at concrete barricades tempting arrest.

The sometimes-tense environment ended near the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the march ended. But the chants continued.

Organizers said they expected as many as 5,000 demonstrators to take part. But the weather impacted the final turnout. Police said one person was arrested during the march for refusing to take off his bandana.