TAMPA, Fla. – As Republicans got down to work in Tampa, one of the first orders of business was to decide what issues they want to campaign on this year.

The platform committee brought a big proposal to the table on Tuesday, which concentrated on fiscal issues, but also touched on social concerns.

Republicans delegates said clearly the economy will be the top issue this election season, but when they passed their platform planks on this first day of season, there were plenty of social issue will now be considered through November.

“This is your platform, and urge its adoption, said Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, the platform committee chairman.

One of the first orders of business for the convention was Republicans to decide what issues will be their priorities this fall.

“My friends, we have outlined a conservative vision of governance,” said McDonnell, “a document that is many things: It’s an indictment, it’s a blue print and it’s a declaration of values.”

Republicans said issues like the economy and military concerns should be top concerns, but social issues will also be part of the conversation – including a strong right to life stance.

“I don’t think there is a lot debate that the federal government shouldn’t be using its power and our tax dollars to promote and perform abortion,” said Ralph Reed of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. “Historically, there have been consensus on that, and under Obamacare, tax dollars would be used to pay for abortion.”

In North Carolina, the issue of whether or not to allow same-sex marriage was on the table in May.

A strong showing of opposition to the idea was vocalized by voters and is now a national plank.

In Tampa, the widow of the state senator who sponsored the bill to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina said this is day her husband would have loved to see.

“Of course I am going to feel pride, maybe choke up a little bit, because I know this is what Jim wanted so much, and I am there to see it happen,” said Mary Francis Forrester, widow of former Sen. Jim Forrester.

On issues such as same-sex marriage, these are similar platform issues to the ones were are going to here from the Democrats, as they are expected to be taking an opposite stance on this issue.