TAMPA, Fla. – Republican nominee for president Mitt Romney is set to take the stage later this evening to accept his party’s nomination for president.

This will be the final act of a busy week for national Republicans who have been meeting in Tampa for their convention.

When Mitt Romney accepts his party’s nomination Thursday night, many people said his speech will be the most important one of his life – a chance to have the national stage, with no filters on what he can say.

For the members of North Carolina’s delegation here representing the state at the RNC, they said they expect big things from their nominee.

All eyes have been on Tampa this week as one Republican star after another has taken to the stage to talk to party faithful about why November’s vote is so important.

But tonight, its main attraction and for North Carolina’s delegation, they said they believe if Romney stays true to his vision, he can and will win over voters tonight.

I think that with his vision, people will begin to believe again,” said Rep. David Lewis, RNC committee member, “that the government isn’t the answer, that the central planning that Paul Ryan referred to the answer is the entrepreneurship answer that I believe is inside almost all of us.”

Political observers point out that winning over voters won’t only be about Romney hitting all his talking points tonight. He also has to show that he is a leader.

“A challenger also has to convince people who are skeptical that he is fit to take over the job in a way that people may have concerns about,” said Jon Dinan of Wake Forest University.

North Carolina’s delegates said they believe Romney and Ryan have the leadership and ideas america needs.

“He cannot stand the government waste in Washington and he is going to go after Washington,” said Steve Malay, a delegate from Carteret County, “and Paul Ryan is going to do the same thing. They are not going to let four years go by and not take responsibility.”

North Carolina is clearly a swing state this election season and North Carolina’s delegates said they hope Romney’s speech tonight will help to win over some undecided voters.

North Carolina party leaders have been hearing from top Republicans at their delegate breakfast’s all week, who have told them it will be important for party faithful to help recruit Republican voters in North Carolina.