CHARLOTTE — North Carolina delegates had a busy day on Wednesday, which included a surprise visitor at their delegation breakfast and trying to keep certain issues at the forefront of the convention.

They took a short break from cheering for President Obama to get a victory in November to rallying behind Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Walter Dalton at their Wednesday morning breakfast.

“To build back we need leadership that is going to be investing in job recruitment, investing in worker retraining, refocusing on 21st Century jobs, and investing in education. That is how you bring this economy back,” said Dalton.

The group also had a surprise visit from civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

“We won the last election here by 14,000 votes. There are 500,000 blacks in North Carolina that are not registered. You mean you are going to go to A&T or JC Smith as the case may be, and you are going to register for class and not register to vote and you need a Pell Grant,” said Jackson.

For a group of young Democrats who are serving as North Carolina delegates at the DNC, they say they stand behind Democratic ideas on the economy and education and believe Republican ideas are too partisan.