RALEIGH — Walter Dalton is trying to make up for some less than desirable numbers.

His Republican opponent, Pat McCrory, has held a lead in polling since the campaign season kicked off and has out-raised Dalton nearly four-to-one.

More money means more airtime for campaign commercials.

“The candidates sort of need to cut through the clutter of presidential candidates and super PACS, and the sort of need to introduce themselves more than you would expect,” said William Peace University Professor David McLennan.

That’s because polling numbers and fund raising numbers aside, there are still a lot of undecided voters when it comes to the gubernatorial race, which is why getting your face on TV could help.

Political observers said what is said in these ads is often just as important as how many of these ads actually make it on to the airwaves because often these messages are unique for the candidates.

“You can’t really be subtle in a campaign ad,” says Jonathan Kappler, with the N.C. Free Enterprise Foundation. “You have to be direct, because you have attention spans of thirty seconds or less with voters when you are doing a campaign ad like this. And with a stump speech you can be a little bit more nuanced. You can hit on a few more points.”

Dalton now has one ad on TV, McCrory has put up six since the general election season began.

With less money and less time, Dalton will have to hone his message. Political observers say McCrory could face the opposite problem.

“I think he has got to try not to do too much,” said McLennan. “The fact that he has a monetary advantage, he could conceivably come out with another half dozen ads. The problem is you could water down your message if you try to do too much with each ad.”

The most recent polling numbers by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling show McCrory with a six-point lead over Dalton.