RALEIGH — According to polling numbers, President Barack Obama is starting to gain some momentum in his bid for re-election.

Although the country is fairly evenly divided over Republican and Democratic support, electoral college math and swing state shifts are looking good for the president. An overview of the United States today shows an even divide for President Obama.

Political observers have long said since the campaign will likely come down to a few key swing states. With 40 days to go that is still true. All eyes are on Ohio, Virginia, Florida and still to a certain degree, North Carolina to decide the race for president.

“If the election were today, Obama would definitely win every state he did in 2008 except for North Carolina and Indiana,” said Tom Jensen with Public Policy Polling.

The presidential race is getting more focused as November 6 approaches. The small group of swing states is now dwindling down to less than a handful and polling numbers are swinging in the presidents favor.

“So there isn’t really room for Romney if this polling is predictive, to find a map in which he can get 270 electoral votes,” said Michael Cobb of NC State University.

After averaging out all of the presidential polls numbers that have recently been released, President Obama has a four point lead over Mitt Romney. On this same day four years ago, there was an almost identical polling picture with Obama up 4.3 points over then Republican nominee John McCain.

Political observers say the more important numbers are the state-by-state numbers; where polls are also steadily tipping for President Obama.

“Since polling started in 1936, so there are 19 elections since that time, and in 18 of the 19, the candidate who is ahead in the polls at this time won,” said David Rohde of Duke University.

The website Real Clear Politics shows that Ohio is starting to fall into President Obama-blue category. The other swing states are still a toss up. However polls are now starting to indicate those toss ups are all polling in favor of President Obama at the moment as well.