RALEIGH — Governor-elect Pat McCrory is looking for some fresh faces in state government.

Immediately following his election earlier this month, his transition team launched www.workforpat.com.

“What I’m doing is seeking talent,” McCrory told News 14 Carolina in an interview earlier this month. “I don’t care whether they are Republican or Democrat or independent. I’m looking for talent to run the government in the most effective way possible.”

The website covers a broad spectrum of jobs from typical gubernatorial appointments, like cabinet secretary positions, to some not as commonly discussed administration openings, like state dentists or museum directors.

“I think each department is going to have a review and take a look at each position and see how it is working and see what is best for North Carolina in the process,” said Chris Walker, the communications director for the McCrory transition team.

In the brief time since the site was launched, more than 4,000 people have submitted their resume looking for a job.

What’s different this administration change as opposed to previous ones is that, last summer, the General Assembly approved an adjustment to established law which said McCrory can hire up to 1,000 people under his new administration.

That number used to be just 400.

“People who are willing to serve the administration for a few years take some time out from their careers and their goals and help Governor-elect McCrory help the state, help North Carolina,” said Walker.

The McCrory team said it is still in its beginning phases of deciding who to bring on, but the governor-elect says he knows what type of folks he is looking for.

“I’m looking for problem solvers,” said McCrory. “I’m looking for visionaries. I’m looking for people who can work with a team.”