RALEIGH — Governor elect Pat McCrory has started to name the top officials who will be part of his administration.

McCrory has just under a month until he is sworn into office and he says he is working to get all the key roles filled before his inauguration.

“We’ve got a small window of opportunity to fill some very very important jobs,” said McCrory.

Some of the job openings have now been filled.

McCrory’s first announcement on Thursday will be his right hand man. Former Durham City Councilman and the current head of his transition team, Thomas Stith will be his chief of staff. Stith says this is an honor he does not take lightly.

“The Stith family came to this state as slaves, on the plantation in Tarboro, North Carolina. Each generation has built on the dream of prosperity and economic independence,” said Stith.

McCrory also has to find some to find people to fill his cabinet. One of the cabinet members who will be in the forefront facing tough issues right away is the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This person will deal with looming medicaid, affordable care act, and healthcare issues needing immediate attention.

Former US Ambassador to Estonia, now North Carolina resident, Aldona Wos is taking on that challenge.

“We need to bring excellence, availability, accountability and affordability to those who we serve,” said Wos.

For his second cabinet appointment, McCrory asked a private sector CEO to step into a public service role. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources will be headed by Raleigh businessman John Skvarla. He says he will take a customer friendly approach to the position.

“Living in an appealing environment and dealing with the environmental regulating agency should be both a positive living experience for everyone living in North Carolina, or those interested in re-locating to North Carolina,” said Skvarla.

McCrory said these appointments are just the beginning, but he is hoping the end is in sight.

“My goal is to get eight cabinet positions announced prior to my swearing in. Hopefully even earlier than that,” said McCrory.

McCrory will be sworn into office on January 5.