WASHINGTON—A new Congress has been sworn in, but some old issues remain on the table.

The 112th Congress used their final hours to pass some big legislation; a bill to stop the country from falling off the fiscal cliff. However now the 113th Congress is in place and lawmakers say there is still a lot of work to be done on the budget including cuts, and the debt ceiling debate.

“They just kicked the can down the road. We have a huge fiscal crisis in this country, that makes the fiscal cliff like a joke,” said Rep. Richard Hudson, a Republican from the Eighth District.

Lawmakers are quick to point out that the budget issues are not the only item that will need to be addressed by Congress. North Carolina lawmakers are divided over whether or not Congress needs to take up gun issues following the tragedy last month in Connecticut.

The President has said gun issues need to be addressed. Yet some lawmakers say this is not just about guns.

“I don’t see the Connecticut tragedy, and it was and is a tragedy, I don’t see that it is a firearms issue; except for this issue—how the mentally handicapped or disabled gain access to firearms,” said Rep. Paul Coble, a Republican from the Sixth District.

As states struggle with how to handle immigration issues, it is also an issue that Congress is looking to address. Some lawmakers say it is an important debate to have, but solutions have not been easy to find.

“Well I have been very consistent the eight years that I have been here. I have said that we need immigration reform, but we first have to secure the borders. We can’t do anything until we secure the borders. That is a No. 1 concern. My first year here we appropriated the money to build a fence and to do more there. Unfortunately we have not had the cooperation from the Executive branch to do what needs to be done. But first we have to secure the borders, then we will be able to deal with the other issues related to immigration. We are a nation of immigrants, we want immigrants to come here, we want them to come legally,” said Virginia Foxx, a Republican from the 5th District.

Lawmakers say there will not be much of a break for the new Congress, as work needs to begin right away.