RALEIGH — Transforming education and reducing the tax burden: that is part of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s plan as he takes office.

Forest was officially sworn in Monday as the state’s 34th lieutenant governor at a ceremony in the State Capitol building.

It is Forest’s first job in public office and he said he wants to waste no time getting to work.

He officially took office as lieutenant governor on Monday. But Dan Forest is wasting no time getting down to business.

"We’ve had multiple meetings with Gov. McCrory and we’ve talked about the things that we can do moving down the road. We believe there’s a lot of work to do in the state from the executive level," said Forest.

McCrory and House Speaker Thom Tillis were among those that gathered for the ceremony.

As the balance of power shifts to the Republican Party in North Carolina, Forest made note of the importance of improving education going forward.

"We’re ranked somewhere between 22nd and 41st in the nation in K-12 education. I believe we should be number one in the world and I don’t think we should stop short of that so we need to put a long term plan in place that’s going to get us there," said Forest.

Forest begins his political career just as his mother’s political career comes to an end.

Last week, Sue Myrick retired as congresswoman from the Charlotte area. In watching her son take the oath, Myrick said she never dreamed any of her children would follow her career path.

"He’s been use to making decisions for a long long time running a business so I didn’t give him any advice at all. I know he’ll do a good job," said Myrick.

It’s a job that Forest couldn’t wait to get started on.