RALEIGH — The legislative session doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, but the General Assembly was back to work today to get ready.

The General Assembly is back in town for a one-day organizational session and to elect their leaders for the next two years.

There are more than 50 new members in the legislature this year, many of them are Republicans.

The new members have helped to give Republicans a super majority in both chambers for this two-year session.

Leaders point to unemployment insurance debt, group home funding and tax reform as some of their top issues for this year’s session.

Watching on as the lawmakers were sworn into office, is new Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

It is unusual for a governor to be in the chambers during the start of session, but McCrory said he wants this to be more of the norm during his tenure.

"I did it for two reasons: To show respect for the legislature and also to build a relationship with the legislature," McCrory said, "because this is going to have to be a team effort to fix some of the serious problems in the state and it is a process to do that and this is just the beginning of that process."

The House and Senate will not be back in session until the last week of January. That is when they will start taking up bills and voting on issues.

News 14 Carolina’s Loretta Boniti will be covering the first day of session. Follow her on Twitter for live updates.