RALEIGH—A bill that would eliminate teacher tenure in the Tar Heel State passed in a Senate committee Wednesday.

Currently teachers are eligible for tenure after their contracts have been renewed for four consecutive years. The proposed legislation would offer teachers contracts for one, two, three or four years.

This proposal presents a concern for the North Carolina Association of Educators.

“This proposed legislation fails to grandfather teachers who currently have career status, a property right we are confident that will be protected by our courts,” said NCAE director Rodney Ellis.

Bill sponsor Sen. Phil Berger believes establishing contracts will protect students.

“Teachers that struggle end up getting moved from school to school to school and the schools seem to have no ability to move those teachers into another career,” said Berger.

The legislation would also assign schools grades ‘A’ through ‘F’ based on performance and an added growth measure. The bill will now move on to the Senate Appropriations Committee for debate.

– Julie Fertig