Big changes to North Carolina’s abortion laws could be coming.

A Senate committee made major changes to a bill Tuesday, which now says that, among other things, abortion clinics would be more strictly licensed and local governments could not help fund abortions.

The bill lawmakers sat down to in committee Tuesday dealt with foreign law recognition. But a major multi-part amendment changed the proposal and the bill was re-written to change North Carolina law dealing with abortions.

Several provisions are similar to those that have been previously passed by the state houses in a separate bill, including allowing health care providers with conscientious objections to abortions not to have to participate in them, banning sex-selection abortion, and saying that no tax dollars can be used to help fund abortions – including in future health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

New provisions in the bill include that abortion clinics would need to increase standards to meet regulations of ambulatory surgical centers and physicians would need to be present for full abortion procedures.

This bill will go to the Senate floor tonight and is expected to get initial approval.

– Loretta Boniti