House Speaker Thom Tillis

As you have probably heard by now the state Senate has added a number of big changes to the latest voter ID bill.  Two big ones are shortening early voting by a week and ending same-day registration during early voting.

While the Senate will likely pass the bill with the changes, the question remains how the House will respond.

When these ideas were floating around the General Assembly this spring, I had a chance to ask House Speaker Thom Tillis about the issue of early voting and what changes he would support.  Here’s what he had to say in that April 9th interview.

“I think that as long as we do not really restrict the number of days,” Tillis said. “There are some inconsistencies around counties, but I think that early voting is a good thing. In my election, I won before election day in early voting. The question about whether we should have consistent days and times across the state is a valid question and I’m sure people will ask about that. But, I don’t see a significant ratcheting back of the number of days available for early voting. Part of that is the cost involved. If you compress it as we’ve heard in Florida and other states, you could have a significantly greater number of people waiting a significantly longer amount of time on election day, so we need to take that into account.”

Click here for the show featuring Tillis to hear it for yourself. It’s the middle segment of the show.

So, at first glance it appears he doesn’t support changing the length of early voting but he then says he doesn’t see a “significant ratcheting back”.  Guess the question is what’s significantly cutting back?  We’ll soon find out.