Gov. Pat McCrory

RALEIGH—Gov. Pat McCrory wants to make sure people across North Carolina are safe and still use sound judgement even though the snow is no longer falling.

During another news conference Wednesday in Raleigh, Gov. McCrory said there have been two different weather related accident fatalities reported in Surry County.

On Tuesday, the governor issued a state of emergency ahead of the storm.

“Dont take anything for granted. Just because the sidewalks or the roads may be cleared in the next 25 hours, which we are attempting to do across the state, accidents can still occur. The cold weather is still going to be with us for a brief time,” said Gov. McCrory.

The Department of Transportation Secretary said so far, 17 tons of sand and salt has been spread across the state.

Crews are focusing first on primary roads then will try to clear the secondary roads.

Authorities say roads will re-freeze Wednesday evening so Thursday’s commute could be dangerous.