RALEIGH — The North Carolina Democratic Party kicked off its convention in Raleigh Saturday morning.

Hundreds of delegates arrived to talk about policies and resolutions for the coming months.

“Right now, the Democratic Party is pretty fired up for upcoming elections,” attendee Matt Pepper said. “We are going to work very hard in this election cycle to try and win back some seats in the General Assembly and hopefully gain some good footing as we go into 2016.”

The Take Back Raleigh resolution had many people excited for the party’s future plans.

“I’m really definitely more interested in the Take Back Raleigh efforts because the legislature here is just all out of wack,” attendee Nervahnah Crew said. “We all need to do everything in our power to get those Republicans out of office.”

Chairman Randy Voller encouraged the crowd to work towards reaching new voters.

“I am going to ask you to engage the 65 percent which includes people that aren’t registered, people that are newly becoming registered, people who have just moved here, lived here for multiple generations and encompass basically a governing majority of this state who believe in the state that we built,” Voller said.

Sen. Kay Hagan was going to make an appearance, but missed it to attend Maya Angelou’s funeral.

– Amy Elliott