RALEIGH– The state House Minority Leader is hauling accusations at Speaker of the House, Thom Tillis.

Durham Representative Larry Hall told media on Tuesday he believes Democrats are being persecuted for not agreeing with the majority party.

Hall points to the fact as Minority Leader Tillis has denied him funding for a chief of staff. He says he was specifically told that it was because of an action he took to question the majority parties’ new legislative building rules.

“I was told that unless I apologized to the members of the Legislative Services Commission for objecting to the new rules that we would not be funded. Bare in mind, when a court looked at those rules, two rules in particular that I objected to, said were not constitutional and could not be enforced,” said Representative Larry Hall.

Hall says beyond the funding issues, Democratic voices are also getting stifled through legislative maneuvers to stop votes on Democratic floor proposals.

Republicans have tabled more amendments in the current two year session, than from 2001 to 2009.

The Speaker’s office did not respond to request for comment.

– Loretta Boniti