CHARLOTTE—The president of the United States is now in Charlotte.

Air Force One landed at the NC Air National Guard base at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport shortly after 11 a.m.

President Barack Obama will now head to uptown Charlotte where he will speak to thousands of veterans attending the American Legion’s annual national convention.

There is no information on what exactly the president will say, but this speech follows the recent scandal involving delays with veterans receiving care through the VA.

Police said drivers should expect roads to be blocked in the area around the airport and uptown as the President makes his way to and from the convention center for the speech.

Authorities say they will also have to re-route pedestrian traffic around the convention center.

One of the people who will get to meet the president during his visit is a Monroe veteran who has been working for years to help fellow veterans.

Garland Denny, 82, asked the government to create postage stamps and bonds to raise money for those who have served their country.

Denny went to Washington in June to meet with members of the Obama administration.

Rep. Robert Pittenger’s office said Denny will be on the front row at the convention center for the speech and will also get a chance to shake the president’s hand.

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