CHARLOTTE — President Barack Obama addressed the 96th annual convention of the American Legion in Charlotte on Tuesday.

He used this platform to announce a number of new measures to help veterans with healthcare, housing, education and jobs. These executive orders come on the heels of a months-long scandal with the VA concerning delays with veterans receiving the care they need and deserve.

President Obama was met with welcoming applause at the Charlotte Convention Center but got right to the issues on everyone’s minds. He acknowledged the “inexcusable delays” that ultimately led to scores of veterans losing their lives waiting for care.

The administration’s plans include:
Ramping up a recruiting campaign to fill doctor and nurse shortages at VA hospitals.

Automatic enrollment in VA treatment programs for all military personnel already receiving mental health care.

A partnership with a number of national banks, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America, to help vets get lower mortgage rates.

An initiative to better understand post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries that includes a $30 million nationwide suicide prevention study.

Obama said he hopes these steps will ensure the problems currently plauging the VA never happen again.

This evening, we will hear from veterans at the convention on what they think about the president’s speech and plans to fix the VA.

– Becky Bereiter