CHARLOTTE–U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said Wednesday the Federal Aviation Administration is waiting on the court to make a ruling on future control of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Last year, the General Assembly passed legislation which transferred control of the airport’s day to day operations from the City of Charlotte to a regional commission.

The city is challenging that decision and the city’s attorney said a judge is likely to make a ruling Friday on whether the legislation is constitutional.

However, the city attorney said appeals and a final FAA ruling on whether the commission can continue could take at least another year.

The airport commission meets without formal powers and the city remains in control of Charlotte-Douglas until a final ruling is made.

“This issue either needs to be dealt with either by the courts or locally among leaders,” said Foxx. “As I said before, it’s unnecessary that it’s where it is, but you kind of now have to deal with it.”

Foxx said he is not interfering with the airport decision and hasn’t spoken with those connected to the issue, including Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter or state Sen. Bob Rucho.