WINSTON-SALEM– Ashley Wooten’s taking her first class in working at the polls.

“I just wanted to be involved in voting, its something I’ve never done and I’m very excited about it,” said Wooten.

The 25 year old is among around 70 people training this week to work the precincts during early voting.

“We try to give an overview of the positions, what we expect the workers to to do when it comes to process voters what they have to do for paperwork purposes, that sort of thing,” said Steve Hines, Forsyth County’s Elections Director.

The change to early voting was one of the issues challenged in court this year. The period’s been shortened, but the hours will remain the same as the 2010 election.

“We basically wait for the state board to tell us the rules and regulations that we have to follow for the procedures, whatever it may be,” said Hines.

Elections officials say they look for registered voters, folks who are interested in the elections process and want to get further involved.

“We like to see poll workers who come in who have that civic-mindedness in their nature, obviously the people who are being trained are the ones who want to do this job,” said Hines.

Which starts with three days of training, and long hours at the polls.

It’s something Wooten is anticipating.

“I was getting people registered to vote and they actually referred me to the polls, they thought I was a great candidate for it,’’ said Wooten. “I’m looking forward to it, I’m very excited about it.”

Hours for early voting can vary at precincts across the state.

To find out where early voting sites are in your county click on the story links.

– Bob Costner