CHARLOTTE – Senator-elect Thom Tillis spoke Wednesday about what he plans to do now that he’s won a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Tillis defeated Democratic incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan after a hard-fought and expensive campaign.

Tillis says he plans to take the policies he helped put in place in North Carolina with him to Washington.

“I think the longer our regulatory reform and tax policies are in place, the more and more opportunities were going to see in North Carolina. I think we need to do the same kinds of things at the federal level and I, for one, think we should start by finding bipartisan opportunities to move forward on the congressional agenda,” he said.

“I hope that the president will be willing to come to the table with the House and Senate members and he can leave a legacy of bipartisanship. It hasn’t been that way for the past couple years and I would like this Congress to establish a reputation for governing, and in order to govern you’re going to have to work across the aisles,” Tillis added.

Tillis says he plans to get started with assigning a cabinet and getting acclimated to his new position within the coming week.

– Loretta Boniti