RALEIGH—State lawmakers are working to make changes to the state spending plan, so they can pay for one of the lawsuits that has been filed against them.

The Senate budget committee advanced a proposal tuesday that moves money within the budget to pay for legal fees and experts in the lawsuit dealing with whether or not the state rules review commission should have authority over the state board of education.

Budget writers say this is the type of expense the state can’t anticipate, but still needs to find money for.

“This is something that really comes out of nowhere.  That’s why we’re here today early in session, having to deal with some of this stuff.  It is because you don’t’ budget for it,” said Sen. Harry Brown, Republican Majority Leader.

The bill also moves money within the state budget to pay for two commissions created last year by the legislature.

Both the academic standards review commission, which is looking to replace Common Core, and the coal ash commission were left without funding in the current state spending plan.