RALEIGH—Some state Republican senators want to offer a quick gas tax cut.

Members of the Senate Finance Committee are planning to  consider a bill on Tuesday to lower the gas tax from 37.5 cents a gallon to 35 cents on March 1. North Carolina’s gas tax was just increased on Jan.1 to where it stands now.

That adjustment was the current process that re-assesses where the tax should be twice a year.

Under a proposal that was unveiled Tuesday morning in a Senate committee, the tax would be lowered, but once it is reduced, it could not ever be reduced any further.

State lawmakers say their proposal to cut to the current gas tax will give transportation officials more predictability in how much money will be coming in for projects.

The move comes as lawmakers are expected to consider a proposal from the governor take out a $1.2 billion bond to help pay for new transportation projects. Some lawmakers say they like the idea of not allowing the tax to dip- but say perhaps the immediate lowering is not needed.

“Given the increased demands, in fact seem to be overwhelming demand on the highway fund, as well as the trust fund, why can’t we just freeze and stabilize this tax rather than cutting it,” said Sen. Dan Blue.

The legislation is proposing to make this change as of March 1. Bill sponsors say in order to move the proposal through the full legislature quickly enough with the support it needs, the cut needs to be in the bill.

But some advocates say this proposal is a bad idea.

“It appears to be a bait and switch where we are telling tax payers that they are getting a tax cut.  But it is actually keeping the rate artificially high where it could drop six to eight cents over the next year, it is going to keep it locked at 35 cents,” said Donald Bryson with Americans for Prosperity.

This bill is scheduled to move through the Senate within the next day or two and then move over to the House for consideration.