trans_planNORTH CAROLINA — If you have a newer car, you could save a little money when you get your annual inspection.

Starting on April 1, a new state law goes into effect that waives the emissions test for cars that are three years old or newer and have less 70,000 miles.

This saves drivers just over $16.

Officials say newer cars and trucks rarely fail the emissions tests during their first three model years.

“April 1 is when the new law gets into place. Any vehicle that will be 2013 or newer currently will have just the safety, but other than that, everyone will be doing the same thing they’ve been doing for however long they’ve lived here in North Carolina,” said Teddy Bollinger, Peace Street Inspection Center.

All vehicles are still subject to the annual safety inspection which costs about $13 a year. Emissions tests are required in about half of the state’s 100 counties.

The savings to car owners from the “emissions test exemption” will total about $14 million per year.

– Linnie Supall