gas_pump_0212RALEIGH—State lawmakers have reached a compromise on how to structure North Carolina’s gas tax.

Under the new proposal, the gas tax would almost immediately drop down to 36 cents per gallon, which is a cent and a half less than it currently is.  Next year, it would drop another penny, and then to 34 cents in July of 2016.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say this compromise and reduced gas tax revenue will encourage the state to come up with a new transportation funding plan for the state.

“The old funding formula, allowed for some pretty wild, volatile changes in what the tax rate would be. Which made planning for how your repair roads, repair bridges very, very hard,” said Rep. David Lewis, a Harnett County Republican.

“Leveling it off now at a reduced level, I think is fair. It is reasonable. It is indeed a tax cut. It could go further. And we’ve created the appropriate incentives. Now whether all Democrats will share that perspective, I cannot tell you. I do believe there will be Democrats in both the House and the Senate that will support the conference report,” said Sen. Floyd McKissick, a Durham County Democrat.

Both the House and Senate still need to vote on this compromised plan before it is sent to the governor for consideration.