EITCRALEIGH—State Democrats say they are going to continue to fight to re-instate North Carolina’s Earned Income Tax Credit.

The program was meant to help low wage earners keep more of their paycheck. The credit ended in 2013, and Republican leadership has shown no signs of considering to bring it back. But Democratic leaders say they will continue to speak out in support of it.

“Of the valuable nature of this tool for all of our communities and for our state of North Carolina, our families, and those folks who are working hard everyday to make ends meet.  Especially in an environment where we have raised our gas tax, we now come back and say, the earned income tax credit more than ever is important to the citizens of North Carolina,” said Rep. Larry Hall, a Durham County Democrat.

Nearly 1,000,000 North Carolinians claimed the earned income tax credit in its final year of availability. State House Democrats have filed a bill to have the credit restored.

– Loretta Boniti