dixRALEIGH — State leaders say the Dorothea Dix property deal is just about done.

The City of Raleigh has been in negotiations for years with state leaders to take the property where the old Dix hospital currently stands, and turn it in to an urban park.
Previous attempts have not been finalized for various reasons, including legislative concerns. The agreement will have to be signed off on by the council of state.

On Tuesday, the governor told members, they should be able to take that vote next month.

“But our goal is to have that finalized by the next meeting. And we are in very good contract discussions with them at this time. And we think we are in pretty good shape and are ready to finalize the details. Our goal is to get that to you ASAP,” said Gov. Pat McCrory.

A bill has been filed in the state Senate that aims to stop this current Dix deal. The bill sponsors  want to put the property up for auction.

– Loretta Boniti