state_building_issues1RALEIGH — Gov. Pat McCrory says many state office buildings are in dire need of repair, and now, the state insurance commissioner is backing up his claim.

Over the weekend, the Dobbs building, which is where the insurance commissioner’s office is located, flooded.

He says there was significant damage to state records at several agencies.

McCrory says this illustrates his point that serious consideration needs to be given to his proposed “Project Phoenix” which would overhaul state buildings.

“I think it will bring about better work conditions for state employees and more productive work conditions for state employees across this state, maybe even create some new jobs in new construction. But we are pouring a lot of money into maintenance and operations right now, into buildings where you would have to question why you are putting that much money into a building whose value as a building is very low at this point in time,” said Gov. McCrory.

McCrory says he is still working out the details of his plan, but believes it would ultimately save taxpayers millions of dollars.