NC_house_newNORTH CAROLINA –The state House approved its state spending plan proposal. It was early Friday morning by the time lawmakers gave the final vote of approval to the bill, which will increase spending in the state and give all teachers and state employees pay raises.        time and again this week- the state house put forward new proposals for how it wanted state dollars to be spent.

The final proposal was finally put together Thursday afternoon, as members of the house took to the floor to begin their debate on the bill.

The first order of business was to consider amendments to the proposal dozens were offered and most were approved including one to help bring fresh fruits and vegetables to small markets in areas of the state that might otherwise not have access to them.

There was an ongoing effort by house democrats to revive the now defunct earned income tax credit for low income families.

As expected, that measure was defeated by the Republican-led House.

The amendments were completed before the midnight hour, allowing the first vote on the bill.

The second vote would wait until the early morning, after both supporters and opponents of the spending plan proposal got their say on the budget bill.

In the end it was 94 in favor and only 23 against the proposal. The proposal now goes to the Senate. That’s about 24 hours later than leadership was hoping for, but as they went into the debate on the floor, they were now working with a document that more members of their caucus planned to vote for.

-Loretta Boniti