gay_marriageRALEIGH—A bill aimed at allowing magistrates to opt out of performing same-sex marriages is back up for consideration at the legislature.

This was one of the first proposals to be introduced and voted on the state Senate this year. The legislation that states magistrates can opt out of performing all marriages if they have a religious objection to it. The proposal comes after a federal court ruling made same-sex marriage legal in North Carolina, and some magistrates were forced to resign rather than perform these marriages.

Once the bill got to the House, it has not been a top priority. It was heard in committee back in March, but no votes were ever taken.

Bill sponsors say it does not discriminate against same-sex couples because if a magistrate does not want to perform a marriage for them then the magistrate then cannot perform any marriages. Some argue there is nothing in the bill to stop magistrates from refusing to marry bi-racial or multi-faith couples.

– Loretta Boniti