hillary_clinton-1COLUMBIA, S.C. — Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was busy stumping in South Carolina on Wednesday, making her first campaign  visit to the state since announcing her candidacy earlier this year.

South Carolina was not a very good experience for Clinton during her 2008 presidential run and she acknowledged as much. But this go around, supporters here say they strongly believe she will emerge victorious and eventually take the White House.

Speaking in front of an intimate group of supporters, served as the keynote speaker at the third annual ‘Day in Blue’ – an event put together by the Democratic Women’s Council. Clinton turned quickly to the serious job at hand and pushed for the passing of the paycheck fairness act, advocated for paycheck transparency, and raising wages for the lowest paid jobs in the country.

The Palmetto State is crucial for the Clinton campaign. It hosts the South’s first 2016 primary which is important for Democrats, because it’s the contest with a large number of African-American voters.

Despite her nearly 30-point loss in 2008 to President Barack Obama, she closed with a promise for the long and difficult campaign ahead. Clinton also spent time on Wednesday at the state House speaking to House and Senate Democrats. She also met privately with a number of minority business owners.

She wasn’t the only female presidential candidate in Columbia on Wednesday. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Republican hopeful Carly Fiorina held a news conference at the same hotel a few hours earlier.

– Becky Bereiter