magistrate_vetoRALEIGH—Many people in North Carolina have been watching and waiting for the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act subsidies.

The governor had indicated earlier this year, that the ruling could have an impact on whether or not he would recommend expanding the state’s Medicaid program.

However, the ruling may not move that Medicaid issue any closer to resolution.

With the Supreme Court ruling saying all citizens can get subsidies for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, states who were bracing for potential chaos if the ruling had gone the other way can now move on to other issues associated with the law.

President Barack Obama said he wants that effort to be on Medicaid expansion.

“I’m going to work as hard as I can to convince more governors and state legislatures to take advantage of the law, put politics aside and expand Medicaid and cover their citizens,” said President Obama.

North Carolina is one of those states that did not accept federal dollars through the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid. Earlier this year, Gov. Pat McCrory said he was holding making his recommendation on expansion until after this ruling.

“It is a very complex issue. You can’t just say are you for it or against it,” said Gov. McCrory.

On Thursday, he was not ready to make a decision. The governor said he is studying how successful expansion has been in other states, and if he believes it could work in North Carolina.

“We’ve got to make sure that in order to make sure those people falling through the cracks that we don’t break the entire system for those who currently have insurance. And that’s the balance at this point in time,” said Gov. McCrory.

But the final decision for expansion, would need to pass through the legislature. For his part, the leader of the Senate is clear that he is against it.

“We continue to have a Medicaid system that grows at rates far greater than inflation. We cannot contemplate adding more people to the Medicaid rolls at a time when we are having difficulty sustaining the Medicaid system that we currently have. That situation is exactly what it was before this decision,” said Sen. Phil Berger, President Pro-tem.

The House, Senate and governor are all currently working on Medicaid reform for the state which does not include expansion.

Statement from NC Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin:

The case did not rule anything further on Medicaid expansion but it will provide some growing interest in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid to consider to do so. This is a long standing, controversial matter. I do not expect this particular ruling to end the controversy, but it does provide some level of comfort for 450,000 North Carolinians.

Statement from Speaker Tim Moore:

“The Affordable Care Act has forced many North Carolinians to pay higher premiums, has limited personal choice of doctors and coverage, and has cornered businesses of all shapes and sizes. Today’s Supreme Court ruling is disappointing, but does not change the fact that this flawed policy is doing more harm than good for our State.

This week, the House passed the 2015 Medicaid Modernization Act in an effort to transition the government-run program to patient-centered, provider-led healthcare. This reform will allow the State to fully fund enrollment growth and eliminate wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars. Medicaid Reform, not expansion, will remain the priority, and today’s Court ruling will not directly impact North Carolina’s final decision.”

– Loretta Boniti