About Capital Tonight

Capital Tonight covers politics from across North Carolina and can be seen from Charlotte to the coast. It features a mix of the daily political news, in-depth interviews, and analysis. We focus on putting the politics in perspective for our viewers. Tune in weeknights at 7 p.m., with an encore at midnight on Time Warner Cable News NC.




Tim Boyum

Tim Boyum is anchor of Capital Tonight. He joined Time Warner Cable News NC (then News 14 Carolina) for the launch in 2002 from NBC’s affiliate station in Eureka, California, KIEM-TV. As a political reporter and anchor, Tim covered the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions, the 2012 Republican National Convention, John Edwards’ 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns, and several gubernatorial and senatorial elections as well. During the 2008 election season he also had numerous one-on-one sit down interviews with Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Follow Tim on Twitter at @BoyumTWCnews.


Loretta Boniti

Loretta Boniti is senior political reporter for Time Warner Cable News NC and a self-proclaimed political junkie. Loretta covers state government and the General Assembly. For four years she covered political news for WVIR in Richmond as their State Capitol Bureau Chief. Loretta has won numerous national awards for her work, including two first place honors from the National Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors, and numerous first place honors from the National Community Broadcasters Association. Loretta is president of North Carolina Capitol Press Corps.

Follow Loretta on Twitter at @BonitiTWCNews.


Ben McNeely

Ben McNeely is the producer of Capital Tonight. A native of North Carolina, Ben has practiced journalism in various forms — in print, on the web and over the airwaves — in all major markets in the state. He started in newspapers at age 14, and worked in community journalism as news editor of The Stokes News in Walnut Cove, reporter and online editor for the Independent Tribune in Concord/Kannapolis, and freelance reporter for 90.7 WFAE-FM in Charlotte. He joined Time Warner Cable News NC in 2012 as senior web producer. His work has been recognized by the North Carolina Press Association and the Mental Health Association of North Carolina.

Follow Ben on Twitter at @benmcneely.



  • Dave

    Hey Capital Tonight! Just wanna say that I love the show! Bit confused about the name however. Your show seems to deal mostly with politics – which is totally fine – but your TITLE suggests that you should be talking about money – i.e. ‘capital’ (as in money, ‘venture capital’, etc.). I’m always hoping to get something in the way of local stocks, etc, but you mainly discuss politics. Politics, as seen in our State’s and Nation’s ‘Capitol’. As in Governmental Capitol. The Capitol of North Carolina. The Capital ‘A’ at the beginning of the alphabet. Now, I understand the phrase “Capital City” – which is a term that relates to “an area of the country, state or region that enjoys primary status.” If that is your intention, then I suggest you change the name to “Capital City Tonight”. You could do that – or – you could just change the goddamn name to “Capitol Tonight” and be done with it.

    • thefriendraiser

      political capital [is the reference point]

  • Tom

    Watched the one sided Common Core discussion with Dr Atkinson tonight.J ust wondering if you will provide an opposing view or possibly a debate about this issue between Ms Atkinson and someone with an alternative view?

  • Taylor Barry

    Hey capitol tonight why do you host only the anti drillers mostly on your show why not Host Victor Furman the field director for the Joint Landowners of NY? Isn’t there two sides of the story?
    Victor-Furman his Phone number is 607-656-5845